Midnight Moon Suri Trading Company


Cosmo, Mystery Man and Chaco= 2X Supreme Champ, JC + 32 Champs

Who IS Standing Stud @ Midnight Moon Trading?

We are located at the alpaca B&B portion of "HEART & SOUL ALPACAS AND GUEST CABINS
Electrofyre's Cosmic Dust (Costmo) is a 2X AOA Supreme Champion. JUDGE' S CHOICE and TEN COLOR CHAMPIONSHIPS.

H &S Mystery Man (MM) - Earned 12X Championships in his show career. He is a genetic powerhouse with the potential to produce any color. MM will start breeding the SU 24. He is proudly co-owned with Heart and Soul Alpaca.

TMMAR Chocolate Moon (Chaco), at seven years (2024), just ADDED Three (3) MORE Championships, bring the total to 9X He is now passed his Sire, Goldstar's 7X Championships. "

The Midnight Moon Suri Trading Company is where you'll find the highest quality Suri Alpacas. We have come a long way since our establishment in 2008, when we acquired Carmen Electra, our first Suri Alpaca. Our foundational Suri Team, continues to be at the heart of our success. Over the past 16 years, we have worked year after year to enhance the quality of the Suris. We have sought guidance from experienced mentors and carefully selected only the finest animals available. Our commitment to excellence has never wavered, and we are proud to say that our efforts are paying off. As we strive to be recognized as one of the Top Small Suri Farms in the US, we are confident that our dedication to providing the highest quality Suris will exceed your expectations. Join us and be a part of our success story.