Midnight Moon Suri Trading Company


Cosmic Dust and Silver Granite Live Here! - JC +22 Banners + 27 Blue oh yeah- 2x Supreme Champ


It may sound like something from Star Wars. However, to Suri Alpaca folks, Electrofyre gets our attention very quickly!

Midnight Moon Suris is proud to announce our ownership of Electrofyre's Cosmic Dust, 2016 and 2017 AOA National Supreme Champion Suri Light Male.

It Goes on.... Cosmo was also awarded The JUDGE' S CHOICE at 2017 MAPACA plus TEN COLOR CHAMPIONSHIPS as well as FIFTEEN BLUES during his show career.

The Midnight Moon Alpaca Ranch in August 2008, with the purchase of our first Suri Alpaca, Carmen Electra. Fast forward, 15 years later, as the banner says, we are The Midnight Moon Suri Trading Company. The name changed several times over the years, but our objective has never waivered. Our “foundation Suri team” is the result of having purchased and bred Suris with proven track records of producing award winning offspring. For example, we are the home to Electrofyre's Cosmic's Dust and Silver Granite. Cosmo, is a 2X Supreme Champion, Judge Choice at MOPACA. Ten (10) Color Championships and fifteen (15) Blue Ribbons during his career. Just as impressive, Halo's Silver Granite has collected a total of 12 purple banners and 18 blue ribbons in halter shows during his career to date. In this list of accomplishments are back to back Color and Reserve Championships at Nationals, Futurity and MAPACA Shows. These are only two of numerous herdsire in our mix.This positions us to be flexible to meet the unique needs of our customers with many breeding combinations

The only slight modification to our strategy is we work began work with the Olympic Peninsula Llama and Alpaca Rescue. Portion of our website are dedicated to what is know is the "Wacky Pack" These are special alpacas and llamas that can not be adopted because of need long term care. So, the become members of our Wack Pack and find their forever home in a designated wing of the Rescue.

Come take a look in several weeks, we are in the process of combining our Suri, and Wack Pack Social Media Platforms. This will allow folks to follow the the rescue stories as they evolve as well as see what's new "down on the Farm"

Thanks for your patience, as the two passions come together as the Midnight Moon Suri Trading Company.

See ya soon.